Our Temporary Storage Shelter

Whether you’re looking for a sheltered working area, a solution to cover plant and machinery, or want to look after materials and products, our temporary storage shelters offer a solution.

Protect from the Elements

Companies are under increasing pressure to protect their assets from the detrimental effects of the elements. Failure to put the right protection in place could end up costing businesses thousands through reduced productivity, contaminated raw materials and the growing cost of plant machinery repairs and maintenance. This is why it’s so important for your organisation to have robust temporary storage to protect your people, products, and profit.

Grow Alongside Your Business

As businesses evolve, their needs change. If the time comes that your operation requires higher head room, more floor space, or greater security, our Zappshelter solution can be added to, adjusted, and customised to suit.


Moving on to your next project? No problem. Our Zappshelter temporary buildings can be easily dismantled and relocated ready for future use.

Flexible Temporary Structures

  • 6m and 12m lengths

  • 7 standard widths from 6m to 20m

  • White finish

  • Full or partial end wall

  • Mounted on shipping containers or interlocking concrete blocks

  • Make it bespoke with custom lengths, widths, colours, and door solutions

Unrivalled Material

We use the finest grades of high-tensile steel that perform well under continuous tension and provides enough flexibility in its composition to avoid breaking or cracking in extreme conditions.


The fabric used in the membrane structure is Taurinox® – the finest quality double-woven co-polymer fabric developed especially for this application. It’s designed to perform in extreme climates under constant tension so you can trust that our Zappshelter can take whatever the elements throw at it.

Rapid Installation

With no groundworks, no hassle and no planning permission (depending on Local Authority policy), our Zappshelters can be installed efficiently and professionally while your business operations continue uninterrupted.

Expert Shelter System

Zappshelther offers rapid, adaptable and cost-effective cover in any location. A huge amount of design engineering has gone into bringing you the world’s best shelter system that carries a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

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