Zappshelter Relocation for JCB

JCB is one of the best known family businesses in the world and a proud British manufacturer. Having originally supplied JCB with a large Zappshelter for an exclusive dealership event, we have been fortunate enough to work with them again on a few projects including installing a 10m x 12m Zappshelter at their demonstration quarry in Staffordshire in 2020.

Last week they contacted Zappshelter to see if we could relocate it to another part of the quarry for a different event. Of course we could do this, and our amazing installation team sprang into action, successfully relocating the Zappshelter in just a couple of days.

Being mounted on massive precast “Lego” style blocks meant the entire structure was easily relocatable. Had that been a conventional fixed structure, relocation would not have been possible.

“Zappshelter proved to be the best solution with a very efficient install. The shelter is secure, low maintenance and looks great. It’s perfect for the job and can be extended in the future should JCB require a bigger space! One of the best companies the JCB Demonstration team has worked with regarding health and safety.”

Caroline Orme, Worldwide Events Manager, JCB