Instant Workshop Space for the Ashcourt Group

Since 1996, the Ashcourt Group has continued expanding into new industries and ventures. From aggregates to waste management, the brand is well known throughout England for its bright blue vehicle fleet.

As the company grows, so does their need for workshop space. As such, Zappshelter “Anastasia” was installed in York, to be used as workshop space for maintenance and repairs on their plant equipment.

At 8 metres wide x 12 metres long, it’s perfect for protecting their team from the wind and rain. This not only keeps morale high but increases the lifespan of their tools and equipment – as it is protected from the harsh elements through the Winter months.

At a time when prices are increasing, it’s important for companies to look after the equipment they already have – rather than spending money on replacing machinery or tools that have been left out in the open.