Instant Storage Space for Van Werven

In an ideal world, plastic would be recycled time and time again. To achieve this, the quality of the plastic being recycled is critical. Wet shredded plastic is not only heavier, meaning more transport costs (and more CO2), but wet plastic can often result in a low-quality end product.

So it stands to reason that for Van Werven, one of the UK’s biggest plastic recycling plants, keeping shredded plastics dry and free from contamination is vital.

How do you keep huge volumes of material clean and dry? Well, that’s where Zappshelter comes in…

Our team installed a 14-metre wide x 12-metre long Zappshelter on concrete blocks, providing a big bay with easy access to transport the sacks of shredded recycled plastic. The concrete blocks are interconnected using a ‘lego style’ connecter system, meaning they will stay connected in high winds, snow and rain.