Instant Salt Storage Space for BEAR Scotland

At this time of year, gritting trucks are a common sight, especially when there is a sudden drop in temperature. However, we might not give much thought to the valuable resource these trucks are carrying and spreading on our roads…


The application of salt on our road network has saved countless lives over the years and continues to be an essential part of the winter maintenance routine on UK roads. However, there is much more to the salt spreading process than meets the eye.

Salt must be kept dry for four key reasons:

  1. To ensure it runs through the gritting systems without clogging
  2. To ensure salt residue does not leach into the waterways and cause contamination
  3. To ensure that gritters carry the maximum amount without being restricted by excess moisture
  4. Salt is expensive so keeping it safely stored undercover minimises waste

With this in mind, it made sense for leading road maintenance company BEAR Scotland to add another Zappshelter to their sites, to ensure their salt stocks are kept in perfect condition, whatever the weather.

This Zappshelter, which will hold around 1000 tonnes of prime de-icing salt, was supplied with a special green cover to help it blend sympathetically into the surrounding countryside. It also has a fire retardant cover to comply with site-specific regulations.

So, if you’re on the road in Scotland and see a BEAR Scotland gritter, you’ll know the salt it’s carrying has been kept in perfect condition thanks to their investment in Zappshelters!