Five New Zappshelters to Keep Aggregates Dry

We’re delighted to announce that five more Zappshelters have been installed at STRABAG’s Hartlepool site to cover their aggregates and prevent them from getting wet. Zappshelters ‘Annie’, ‘Aubree’, ‘Amari’, ‘Anya’ and ‘Amaris’ are now on site, saving STRABAG time and money.

Wet aggregates are not only more costly to transport, but require drying out in order to go through the machinery which transforms them into complex HS2 tunnel components.

High water content in aggregates can also affect the quality of the final concrete product. So when making vital concrete structures, like train tunnels, using dry aggregate helps STRABAG hit a consistently excellent standard.

With these Zappshelters in place, STRABAG can rely on dry aggregates every time.