Our Fabric Shelter

The Zappshelter fabric shelter offers an unrivalled solution to protecting what matters most – your people, your products and your profits.

Our Secret Weapon

Taurinox® fabric is utilised in every Zappshelter membrane structure, and is the finest quality cross-woven co-polymer fabric developed specifically for this application. It is a truly unique material with a range of tangible benefits that sets it apart from other fabrics used in membrane-covered structures.


The actual composition of our coating remains a closely guarded secret which, when combined with a patented woven scrim, means it is untouchable in terms of quality, strength, and performance.

No Ordinary Fabric Shelter

The highly durable and long-lasting coating is co-extruded in multiple layers giving it eight times the trapezoidal tear strength of PVC. The critical factor for any such fabric is its ability to perform under constant tension, and ours outpaces any other. Unlike other fabrics, it will not continue to stretch indefinitely because the patented weave locks once tensioned.


In addition to the outstanding quality and strength of the Taurinox® material, our fabric’s great sound absorption and consistent light diffusion helps to create a better working environment for your people, no matter where you are in the world.

Why Choose our Fabric Shelters?

  • Stronger welds and seam strength

  • Superior abrasion resistance

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Enhanced UV-resistance - even in regions with extreme UV levels

  • Exceptional dirt-repellent properties

  • Shrinks from the heat source immediately in the event of a fire, reducing the risk of fire-spread

  • Rip-stop cross-weave means an accidental tear will not continue to run

  • More colourfast so it looks perfect for much longer

Quick & Easy Installation

The incredible strength-to-weight ratio of our fabric shelters means they are easier and faster to install. When professionally installed, you can trust our Zappshelters to last for many years to come.


Wherever you are in the world, we have skilled technicians who can provide a full installation package or work alongside your people as project managers to get your Zappshelter up as quickly and efficiently as possible, so get in touch with our team of Sheltologists® today.

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