DS Smith Reduces Emissions with New Waste Paper Storage Bays

Reducing our impact on the environment has increased the demand for more recycled products – a good example of this is recycled cardboard and paper packaging.

DS Smith will manage the whole process – from waste management to recycling the materials to producing the finished packaging.

As an industry leader, they always look for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce site emissions.

That’s where Zappshelter comes in.

Having installed four massive Zappshelters on their site in Sittingbourne, we can help reduce the water content in the waste paper and cardboard bales – leading to less drying costs and lower emission output from that site.

Why is this important?

When producing recycled paper and cardboard, the raw materials need to have a certain moisture content – too high will jam up machinery and cause delays, and too low will create dust and harmful airborne pollution.

If the raw material bales are kept out of the weather in the first place, then moisture control is much easier to manage and less fuel needs to be used in the drying stage – reducing emissions and costs.

Built to last, and engineered to withstand the unpredictable British weather – Zappshelter provides the solution to keeping your waste paper and cardboard out of the rain.