No More Damp Stock for Doocey

Doocey Group got in touch with our team of Sheltologists to find a solution to a problem many companies struggle with when storing bulk materials – how to keep their products protected from the great British weather without having to dismantle or disturb existing storage bays on site. In this instance, Doocey Group needed fast, undercover storage areas to keep recycled aggregates dry.

Wet aggregates are harder to process and often require drying before they can be used, not to mention the significant increase in transport costs. The wetter the aggregate, the less tonnage per load, therefore a greater impact on the environment when moving it. In short, when it comes to aggregates, the dryer the better.

Like all of our clients, Doocey Group could see the many commercial upsides of investing in Zappshelters and our team installed Zappshelters Abby, Annabelle and Angelica on Lego-style precast concrete blocks, providing the perfect covered storage bays for aggregates.

“Each 14m x 12m Zappshelter provides valuable cover from the elements which is vital to our recycling process.”

Doocey Group