Containers or Container Shelters? Why a Shelter May Be Your Best Solution

When it comes to additional storage, everyone tends to look to containers due to their ease of use. But have you ever considered how much better a container shelter could be?

Choosing a shipping container could mean that you end up with not much more than a steel box which, if uninsulated, drips with condensation. Instead, opting for a container shelter will offer numerous benefits and help you protect valuable equipment and raw materials from the elements as well as provide a safe working environment for your people.

Here are some of the benefits a container shelter can offer your business.

Get enhanced protection from the elements

Companies are under increasing pressure to protect their assets from inevitable detrimental effects of the elements including rain, wind, dust and harsh UV rays. So wherever your industrial operation is located, protecting valuable equipment, materials and people from the elements is a must.

Container shelters, like Zappshelters, are specially designed to perform in extreme climates. They are engineered to withstand wind and snow as well as offer enhanced UV-resistance even in regions with extreme UV levels.

Create a better working environment

Container shelters can provide extra space for your people to work in, adding much-needed floorspace that’s covered and protected.

The Taurinox® fabric material we use here at Zappshelter has great sound absorption and consistent light diffusion that helps to create a better working environment for your people. This makes for a much more pleasant working environment than a steel box.

Container shelters are easy to set up and transport as needed

As businesses evolve, their needs change so a key benefit of container shelters for industrial applications is the ability to relocate. They can be added to, moved around a job site, relocated elsewhere, or dismantled for future use.

Also, container shelters, like Zappshelters, are installed with little or no groundworks meaning your business continues uninterrupted while the magic unfolds.

Flexible turnkey solutions to suit your needs

Container shelters can be customised to accommodate your unique requirements and fit around what you already have. With Zappshelter’s temporary container shelters, the substructure it mounts on can vary – from shipping containers to precast concrete blocks and bespoke steel structures.

Durable construction & bespoke material ensures long-term success

Container shelters are designed to meet a wide variety of industrial applications. The materials used have been designed and tested to ensure you get a resilient structure that meets the needs of your business.

For Zappshelter, this means using the finest grades of high-tensile galvanised steel which is incredibly durable, yet provides enough flexibility in its composition to avoid breaking or cracking in extreme conditions.

In terms of the fabric used in the membrane structure, we use the finest quality Taurinox® double-woven co-polymer fabric developed specially for this application and designed to perform in extreme climates.

Container shelters could offer the best solution

If you choose a container shelter for your business, you will get a number of benefits that far surpass a modified shipping container including:

  • Enhanced protection from the elements
  • A better working environment
  • Easy to set up and move
  • Flexible turnkey solution
  • Durable construction & bespoke materials

If you’re looking for a temporary storage solution to protect your people, product and profits, get in touch with us today to discuss our container shelter solutions.