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Container Shelters - Heavy-Duty, Relocatable Container Shelters

Container Shelters

Need rapid undercover protection for goods, materials or equipment? Container shelters from Zappshelter are the answer. Fully relocatable and highly durable, these protective structures can be installed quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Don’t allow the weather to damage your profits - speak to a Zappshelter Sheltologist® to discuss your specific container shelter requirements. We have container shelters for many applications - from storage to workshops and everything in between.

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Zappshelter Container Shelters Explained

All our versatile and durable container shelters undergo a stringent testing engineering process before they’re installed for our clients. This ensures that they’re capable of withstanding everything Mother Nature throws at them. We meticulously engineer all of our container shelters for your total peace of mind. Need protected storage space in a hurry? A container shelter from Zappshelter is the perfect solution. Installed in a location of your choice by our expert Sheltologists®, your new container shelter will protect your assets against the unpredictable British weather. And because you may well not need planning permission, the protection you need can be installed quickly with the minimum of hassle.

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Customer Comments

“Absolutely delighted with my Zappshelter! After discussing and calculating with the South West team the costs we save from supplying dry aggregates to our concrete plants, this was our solution. Absolutely outstanding service as well from the installation team. Safe, professional and went the extra mile to ensure the shelter was installed just before the Christmas break up.”
Kyle Smith - Quarry Supervisor
Tarmac Building Products Limited
“We have had the shelter for two years with an open front and with the west coast of Scotland elements, this has not moved nor shown any sign of wear and tear and look as good as the day it was fitted. If this is something you are interested in, I can strongly recommend Zappshelter for quality and price.”
John Shields - Fleet Engineer
Asset Alliance Group
Zappshelter has completed the installation of our second workshop, including electric roller doors, providing us with 3500 ft² of undercover area to build our bespoke shipping container conversions, as well as maintain our growing site accommodation fleet. The team at Zappshelter were faultless as always. From the sales representatives to the customer service team and installation crew, the job was carried out in a professional and timely manner, and we could not ask for a better experience.
Christopher Williams - Managing Director
“I just wanted to drop you a line to commend you and your team for an expert, professional and skilful install of the Zappshelter over our muck bin. I have no hesitation in using your firm and services again in the future, and fully recommend you to colleagues.”
Steve Quinn - Shaft Works Manager
Balfour Beatty Vinci JV (HS2)
“It’s a great product and installed by an excellent team!”
Precon Products
Ryan Smith - Depot Manager West London Branch
Precon Products
“I am very impressed with the installation of our Zappshelter at our waste transfer station. The installation team were very professional and knowledgeable and got it up in no time! We have already had it tested with the recent storm and it has held its ground as expected. Good job!”
Gareth Barnes - Business Manager
“Zappshelter proved to be the best solution with a very efficient install. The shelter is secure, low maintenance and looks great. It's perfect for the job and can be extended in the future should JCB require a bigger space! One of the best companies the JCB Demonstration team has worked with regarding health and safety.”
Caroline Orme, Worldwide Events Manager

"From start to finish your employees were informative and straightforward. During the installation itself, the guys were professional and were no issue to have on-site. The shelter itself is great and looks fantastic, and is making a huge difference.

I am delighted with how this went from the first point of contact, right to the end. I have spoken very highly of you to the rest of the group, and recommended you emphatically."

Ryan Harkins, Depot Manager
"Job well done. These are perfect for our business and allow us to expand our operations providing much needed space under cover at each location."
Lee McConville, Operations Manager
Loc Hire
"Great service from the Zappshelter team. Erected in a week! Useful short term space and great value for money. Well done guys!"
Nick Hare, Co-Owner & Managing Director
Forza Doors
"We needed to expand storage and workshop areas in our depot network. A number of options were considered, however, we chose Zappshelter based on value for money and the quality of the product. The installation required no specialist contractors which reduced time and cost. The shelters look professional and are a great improvement to our depots."
Brent Smith, Managing Director - Utilities
Sunbelt Rentals

Container Shelters

Container shelters are a versatile, rapid way to protect your assets. Container shelters are also easy to install and relocate, making them a great option for businesses that need more undercover space quickly.

Here are some of the specific benefits of using container shelters:

Protection from the elements: Container shelters from Zappshelter provide excellent protection from the elements, including rain, snow, wind, and UV rays. This makes them ideal for storing sensitive equipment or materials that need to be protected from the weather. For example, a container shelter could be used to store machinery, equipment or materials out of the wind and rain.

Durability: Container shelters from Zappshelter are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions. This makes them a long-term investment that will protect your assets for years to come. Our container shelters are made from Ferroten steel and Taurinox fabric, which are both very strong and durable materials. What’s more, Taurinox fabric is heavy duty, which helps to keep the temperature inside the shelter consistent.

Ease of installation: Container shelters are rapid to install. This makes them a quick and easy way to get the undercover protection you need. Container shelters can be assembled by a small team in a matter of hours. They can either be installed by our team, or by your own team (with guidance from us).

Relocatability: Container shelters can be easily relocated, making them a great option for businesses that need dry, undercover storage space that needs to move around periodically. What’s more, container shelters rarely require planning permission.

Cost-effectiveness: Container shelters are a cost-effective way to protect your assets. They are less expensive than traditional buildings and can be installed in a fraction of the time. The cost of a container shelter will vary depending on the size and features you choose, but they are typically much less expensive than traditional buildings.

In addition to the benefits listed above, container shelters also offer a number of other advantages, such as:

Security: Container shelters can include lockable doors to deter theft or vandalism. This makes them a secure way to store valuable assets.

Customization: Container shelters can be customised to meet your specific needs. For example, you can choose the size, colour and features of your container shelter to make it bespoke for your needs.

Versatile: Container shelters can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, workshops, collection bays and more. This makes them a versatile and adaptable solution for a wide range of needs.

If you are looking for a versatile, cost-effective, and easy-to-use way to protect your assets from the elements, then a container shelter from Zappshelter is a great option. Contact a Sheltologist® today to learn more about how a container shelter can benefit your business.

Container Shelters FAQ's

The Zappshelter container shelter is built to last, and to prove this we have engineered the container shelter to the worst of Britain’s wind and snow conditions. We warranty every part and all labour with our 5 year warranty.

Our warranty is simple and easy to understand with no hidden clauses. Many of the ‘alternative’ systems which look similar either don’t provide any warranty - or they have a descending warranty on parts only.

Our fabric membrane covers are designed for this exact application, creating a lasting structure which doesn’t break down in UV light, or break down over time.

The Zappshelter container shelter system is extremely simple to install - requiring no specialist tools. We have a comprehensive instruction manual which will take you through every step and our team of Sheltologists are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We also provide a complete installation package, or a project manager package depending on your requirements.

We would always advise a flat, level surface where you can easily place your shipping containers or interlocking concrete blocks. To a certain extent, a surface with a runoff or slope is ok, but bear in mind that the water will run off the container top in that direction.

Our installation teams can assist in packing the containers to a certain extent, but please speak to a project consultant first - there is a limit to how much packing can be done before being unsafe.

This varies depending from project to project. For example, a 6m wide x 6m long Zappshelter container shelter can be installed in under 2 days - whereas our 17m wide x 12m long Zappshelter container shelter can be installed in under 3 days.

Of course! The Zappshelter container shelter system is designed to be relocatable. The simple design and no groundwork requirements (in a typical application), means that your Zappshelter container shelter can be quickly disassembled and moved to a new location or just into storage. All our Zappshelter container shelters can be stored in a stillage for easy transport or storage.

This depends on the location of your Zappshelter container shelter application. We have a type approval for all of the UK wind and snow loadings. If you would like specific details, this would be done on a project-by-project basis.

The Zappshelter system is designed for every weather type. The fabric membrane cover is designed to not break down in UV, and the steelwork is designed to withstand high wind speeds and heavy snow loadings.

If you have any questions, speak to one of our Sheltologists® how can help with your concerns.

We would typically fix the Zappshelter to shipping containers, or interlocking precast concrete blocks. The weight of these substructures is enough to anchor the Zappshelter down (Please contact us for confirmation on this for specific applications).

Certainly! A true jack of all trades is the Zappshelter container shelter system. Our clients are constantly adapting to the requirements of our clients and the needs of their site, so the applications can vary hugely. The Zappshelter container shelter system can be extended, this means as the site grows, your production doesn’t have to slow.

The maintenance schedule is straightforward on the Zappshelter container shelter system. We advise ensuring the tensioning straps are taught 30 days after installation, and every 6 months you should tighten the straps a few clicks.

Don’t worry! - we will send you a care schedule note once your Zappshelter container shelter is installed.

You can add a new section to a Zappshelter container shelter very easily. We have a specially designed joining section which mounts between every section added on. The simple arched design means that joining them end to end is quick and easy, creating as long a covered area as you need.

The disassembly of a Zappshelter container shelter is the opposite of the installation procedure. Contact a Sheltologist to receive your own disassembly manual -

The Zappshelter container shelter system fits within a stillage, or two depending on the shelter size. A stillage can be moved using a forklift or telehandler with the correct lift rating, and can easily be put on a truck or van.

The shipping containers or interlocking precast concrete blocks would be shipped separately.

For reference, if you are transporting your Zappshelter container shelter via a courier network, each stillage is classed as 2 pallet spaces each.

The Zappshelter container shelter framework and cover pack neatly into a stillage - or two depending on the size of the shelter. These stillages can be stored anywhere you think is suitable. They can easily be moved using a forklift or telehandler.

Zappshelter at Work

As robust as they are versatile, our container shelters are providing protected storage space for some of the UK’s biggest firms. But don’t take our word for it, see our container shelters in action for yourself.

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