Balfour Beatty Vinci JV Gets Covered

HS2 is not only one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK to date, but it’s a display of how businesses from all over the country can work together towards a common goal.  

Whether it’s large organisations helping other large organisations, or SMEs assisting large multi-national organisations – everyone is involved.

These two Zappshelters are for an on-site Tarmac batching plant – one of three sites with a similar setup, where they perform an essential function – keeping aggregates dry for optimum processing.

Covering aggregates means reduced drying and processing costs, more material per vehicle thereby reducing CO2 emissions, and less air pollution associated with drying processes.

How does this translate into real, tangible savings for you?

Recently, a very happy client shared the details of their savings with us as a result of installing a Zappshelter:

600 tonnes of aggregates processed per week
5 litres of fuel per tonne for drying
£0.60 per litre
£1.80 per tonne
1.80 x 600 = £1,080 per week
1080 x 52 = £56,160 per year

These figures were from the end of 2021, and fuel costs have rocketed since, so they have successfully avoided a significant price hike.

Zappshelter isn’t just for aggregates. Our clients use them for workshop space, waste storage, welding bays, warehousing, agricultural storage, and many other applications.