Industry leaders A Plant approached us for a solution at some of their branches. They, like so many others, need to keep their plant and people under cover throughout the winter without spending a fortune on conventional buildings.

Like A Plant, all you need is yard space and Zappshelter will work for you too. Being deemed to be a temporary structure, Zappshelter usually avoids the need for planning permission and additional rates. It’s rapid to install and will last for many years once up. If it’s not in the right place, it can be easily moved to another location.

For your peace of mind, we have spent a fortune on ensuring Zappshelter is good for the varied weather conditions that will be thrown at it. Neither snow nor wind are an issue for us; however, if you’re in a remote location and want reassurance that a Zappshelter is going to be OK, we offer bespoke surveys for individual sites.

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