Rain is a problem for many industries. It cannot be turned off but, unless managed and prepared for, it rapidly destroys profits.

If your business suffers in wet weather, please read on.

Zappshelter will significantly boost profits.

Simply getting products, materials, stock, machines and people under cover can save businesses of all descriptions large sums of money annually.

Often the cost and disruption of erecting a building is prohibitive. Many businesses do not have the funds and do not want to borrow in this climate. Nor can they face the inevitable wrangle with their local authority over what they can and cannot build. Does this sound familiar?

Zappshelter has been developed to solve your predicament.

Cost-effective, rapid, easily installed and usually requiring no planning consent, Zappshelter provides sturdy, relocatable shelter for many different markets. Here are a few we work with:

★ Construction ★ Plant Rental ★ Modular Buildings ★
★ Biomass pellet/wood-chip ★ Stone & Aggregate ★
★ Composting ★ Winter Salt Storage ★ Mining ★
★ Aviation ★ Marine ★ Defence ★ Engineering ★
★ Temporary Storage ★ Welfare ★ Agriculture ★

I took this photo last week at Gap Plant Hire last week. They could afford to erect a big shed but opted for Zappshelter because it ticked all the boxes: fast, no groundworks, no trades, no planning consent, no rates, no fuss, no hassle, and all for a fraction of the price of a steel shed. Plus, if they decide it’s not in the right spot, it can be moved.

We operate globally so your location is no problem to us.

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